Hasse De Moor – Tonight

Music Video 

It’s not everyday a record label contacts to you with a treatment request specifying that there are “lots of women’s behind’s” in the video. We took this rather forward idea and ran with it. Along with the artist and the record label, we had an absolute blast creating a bizarre, fantasy cooking show that fit perfectly with Hasse De Moors latest hit. Our crew killed it and the actors had an amazing time and probably (most likely) did something they’ve never done before! Check it out.

Director: Evan Cohen

Producer: Jillian Mackintosh

Production Company: Topaz

Editor/Colorist: Joe Lumbroso

Director of Photography: Bryan Gentry

Assistant Camera: Cory Maffucci

Gaffer: David Householder

Art Director: Kendra Eaves

Art PA: Heidi Thorpe

HMU: Adriana Andaluz

PA: Evan Margolis

PA: Alexander Kile

BTS Photography: Constantine Poselski


Host: Jess Kellner

Angela: Rachel Ford

Dana: Tanielle Powell